In a nutshell, we summarise our music policy as

Dark Alternative

This fits nicely on to a flyer, and covers most of the genres which we might otherwise list as

Goth, Post-punk, Industrial, Punk and Dark Alternative

Ignoring the circular reference, that covers most of it. If we were being a bit more completist, we might add (on a second line, in a slightly smaller font)

Psychobilly, Proto-Punk, Aggrotech, Grebo, Eighties, Synthpunk, New Wave, Electroclash, Indie, Deathrock, EBM, Synthpop and Horrorpunk

But that's getting to be a lot to read and takes up half the flyer. And may be giving undue weight to genres and subgenres which we might not play at all on a given night. Not to mention the whole can of worms that "Eighties" covers - hardly a genre, is it? We don't want folk turning up expecting Mel & Kim or Amazulu.

In any case, the more you get into details of sub-sub-genres, the more confusing it gets, and the more you get the trainspotters telling you that the track you're playing is actually hellektro and not aggrotech and they're never coming to your night again. In other words, we reckon it puts more focus on the differences between the tunes we love, rather than what they have in common.

And, of course, none of this really tells you much about the club night, beyond that it's probably not suitable for your Great-Aunt Ethel.

We could put a great long list of band or song names here, but that doesn't really do it either. And it would be tedious to both type and read.

So, let's say...

We play dark alternative music.
We play music to DANCE TO.
We play old stuff and new stuff.
We play songs with guitars,
and songs without guitars.
We play requests.
We play big obvious dancefloor fillers,
we play forgotten gems,
we play the best of the new underground
(and occasionally mainstream).
We play to the crowd in the club
and not armchair reviewers online.

We play the music we love.

DJ HGV has been DJing since the 1980s, and shows no sign of stopping. As well as our own events, he is or was a resident at Black Sheep, Flock!/Friday Flock, Kick in the Eye, Amalgamation festival, Woolstock, Kerosene, and others. He's also guested at such events as Infest (Bradford), Dark-Cide (Preston), Integration (Leeds) and The Underworld (Manchester), and dabbled in remixing once in a while.

DJ Misrule has been resident at Carpe Noctum since 2015, having originally been a mainstay of Leeds' Black Lodge club night.

Carpe co-founder DJ Nonemoreblack continues to play eclectic sets (incorporating goth, punk, psych and funk) at the 1 in 12 Club in Bradford.