Our facebook page

Facebook is our main social media presence at the time of writing. Our page tends to be updated about weekly, and rarely more frequently than daily, so you can safely add us to your feed in the knowledge we'll not spam you!

It's generally the best place to be to get any news first.

Carpe Noctum on Twitter

We have a Twitter account, but haven't yet really worked out what to do with. Our posts there are few and far between, often running behind facebook purely because we keep forgetting it exists. Be assured you'll not get bombarded with a running commentary of life at Carpe HQ.

Carpe Noctum on Blogger

We've started using Blogger to host some of our longer musings. Time will tell whether we embrace it fully or let it wither away.

Carpe Noctum on YouTube

We've uploaded some videos onto Youtube - mostly either shot at our nights, or video flyers for our events.

The LiveJournal community

Does anybody remember LiveJournal? Once upon a time, it was the place to be. We still have a community (in the strictly technical sense of the word) on there, but post very infrequently and generally get the idea we're on our own. Give us a nudge if you're active there, and we'll make better efforts.

Mailing us

Experience and common sense lead to us not publishing postal or email addresses on the page. In any case, by far the best way to get in touch is to message us on our Facebook page.

Refuseniks, late adopters, and early abandoners who insist on doing things the old-fashioned way might get some joy by trying to contact gothvodka at this domain. However, please do not send unsolicited attachments as Sidney the Spam Filter really hates things like that.