Calendar of Events


A remarkable run of consistency continues. Alongside our Lending Room residency, we head up to Whitby in spring to join the WGW fringe, and throw in an end of tour party for the Near Dark Over Europe tour. New big-name acts playing Carpe this year include Danse Society, Children on Stun, The Last Dance and Burning Gates.


Our monthly residency at The Library (now rebranded as the Lending Room) in Leeds continues, with 1919 (playing their first gig in thirty years) and Christian Death being among the year's highlights. DJ Misrule joins HGV as resident, bringing us back up to full strength for the first time in over a decade.


A piss-up in a brewery, and a new home in Leeds.


Another year of upheaval, with Gasworks moving to the old Rio's venue ahead of our autumn season. Well, we say "ahead of" but, with one thing and another, the venue is still being built around us when we arrive on the 6th September. Bands, punters and promoters retire across the road to The Castle whilst work is completed, and a belting night is (eventually) had by all.


With the pressure of running a monthly event removed, we go for quality over quantity and run just four Carpe Noctum events over the year. They're all brilliant, though.


Through the first part of the year, it becomes increasingly clear that all is not well at the Zuu, with an ever-changing roster of managers, accusations of missing money, the bar increasingly being not fit for purpose, and other promoters bailing out. We plan a break over summer to consider our options, but the bailiffs get to the venue just ahead of our last booked event. We hastily relocate round the corner to Rio's as a stop-gap. After a break over summer, we take up the Gasworks on their offer of a new home, and relaunch (again) in September.


Our residency at the Zuu begins well. Confidence is high and, with the spacious, club-like feel of the new venue, and the building of a new stage and PA, we decide the time and place is right to relaunch Carpe Noctum. Thursday nights fared less well in the move, however, and Bad Moon Rising is phased out by the year-end.


Bad Moon Rising continues weekly, and branches out into occasional live nights some Saturdays. Toward the end of the year, the Mannville's leaseholders instigate a change in management, and events are swiftly shifted to the newly-opened Zuu Bar. Within a year, the onetime Mannville Arms becomes a "Costcutter" shop, and a piece of Bradford's musical heritage is lost.


A wake for Carpe Noctum is booked at the 1 in 12 Club for July. Before this takes place, however, we're contacted by the new management of the Mannville Arms, who'd like us to do a weekly DJ night. Their enthusiasm wins us over, and Bad Moon Rising is born. Over the August bank holiday, we collaborate on some DJ sessions to fit around Infest, with a good crowd coming down to drink, eat fry-ups, and socialise.


It becomes evident that Carpe Noctum at The Beehive isn't working out quite as well as either party would like, and a final event takes place in June. We promise to hold a wake at some point in the future, but have no other plans.


After a quiet start to the year, Carpe Noctum relaunches as a monthly club night in the cellars of The New Beehive Inn. We round the year off by popping back to the 1 in 12 for a New Year's Eve bash.


It all comes crashing down. Carpe Diem stops being fun, so we sign off, leaving the Banshee Aircrew to bring proceedings to a close. And making Carpe Noctum work in its current guise becomes increasingly difficult, for many reasons. Despite a triumphant show from Inkubus Sukkubus and Cauda Pavonis, we decide a new venue is needed. We finish with a special farewell night with three of our mainstay bands - 616 Abortions (formerly Squid), Deadfilmstar and Action Directe - and leave on a high.


Again, the year is remarkable for everything ticking along nicely. Highlights include Killing Miranda at Carpe Noctum and, in a new experiment, our first post-Carpe Diem gig marked Rhombus's debut with us. We'll hear a lot more from them over the years to come.


Our two monthly events continue unabated, and we see the year off in style with sets from The Scary Bitches and Screaming Banshee Aircrew.


Alongside the ongoing monthly Carpe Noctum nights - which one Phono Paul first guested at in November - we fit in a proper Infest aftershow, celebrate our third birthday with the launch of a budget-priced compilation CD-R, and start a monthly Saturday-afternoon get-together at The Exchange. Predictably, we call it Carpe Diem.


Carpe Noctum continues to run monthly at the 1 in 12 Club, with live highlights including Squid, Katscan and The Sisters of Murphy. In between times, we agree to chuck together an unofficial Infest aftershow: whilst chaotic, it set the path for more organised collaborations in future years.


Another one-off event goes unexpectedly well, and Carpe Noctum becomes a regular monthly club night. Our ambitions rapidly expand, and the first bands are added to the night.


Carpe Noctum launches to an unimpressed public at Bradford's 1 in 12 Club.