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22 February 2016: The 2016 calendar is up-to-date with all confirmed events.

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16 August 2015: As our summer break draws to a close, all our autumn/winter 2015 dates are now fully confirmed - and we've got some belting bills for you.

22 June 2015: Whilst we're waiting for the next one to arrive (The Sisters of Murphy on 4th July), we've got a whole host of fantastic bands cued up for our autumn season - see below...

2 June 2015: Following on from last month's 1919 exclusive, we've got a belting bill coming up for Saturday's Zeitgeist Zero album launch party. We'll have more announcements to make for September onwards in the next few weeks.

22 March 2015: Looking forward to upcoming Carpe Noctum debuts from Negative Panda, Cold In Berlin, Terminal Gods, and some very special headliners...

4 December 2014: Our 2015 calendar is now online. We've got some good stuff lined up.

29 November 2014: Our last night of 2014 is on Saturday 6th December, and features Rhombus and The Webb playing live, followed by the notorious Carpe Noctum club night till 2am.

14 September 2014: November bill announced. Joining original post-punk legends Expelaires are Italian coldwave duo Winter Severity Index (in their only UK appearance outside London) and local favourites Quasimodo.

1 September 2014: Wayne Hussey promo night. We've a pair of tickets to give away for Wayne's gig in Leeds later this month! We'll be giving away raffle tickets on the door and holding the draw just before Dead Eyes Opened play, at around 9pm.

12 August 2014: October bill announced. "New Blood 2014" puts together three very different bands, none of whom have played our events before, and gives them all equal billing and equal set lengths. Running order will be announced on the night, and we've arranged special discount admission for those arriving before 10!

14 July 2014: September bill confirmed. Dead Eyes Opened, Grassby & Walker, and Dawn of Elysium will be joining us upstairs at The Library in Leeds on Saturday 6 September.

7 June 2014: Carpe Noctum announces new venue. Again, hoorah! We'll be taking over from (the now sadly defunct) Flock at The Library in Leeds from September. Does this mean we've abandoned Bradford? Good lord, no! Whilst the opportunity to pick up Flock's residency was too good to miss (and we'd have hated to see Flock's heritage lost), we still intend to be doing events in Bradford from time to time, as suitable venues and bands are available.
We've done a bit of tidying-up on the web pages whilst we were here, too. You can probably take that as a given on future updates, so we'll not mention it again.

31 March 2014: First drop of the new website. Hoorah! It's been a long time coming. All the links should work, but we'll be adding a lot more content - videos, pictures, links, maybe some setlists - as well as making some cosmetic improvements and doing some fiddling behind the scenes.

About Us

Welcome to our website. We're, and we've been promoting dark alternative events - goth, industrial, post-punk and the like - in West Yorkshire since 1999, and don't intend to stop any time soon. You may know us via our flagship club/live event Carpe Noctum, or previous activities such as our lower-key Bad Moon Rising and Carpe Diem soundtracked get-togethers, or the legendary chaos of our sometime Infest aftershows.

Our ethos is resolutely not for profit - which is just as well - and we're defiantly independent; free of any ties with venues, sponsors, labels and the like, and aloof (as far as possible) from scene politics. We happily collaborate with like-minded folk though, so you'll see us at events across the North; flyering, DJing, occasionally engineering or covering the door... or just hanging out, drinking, and offering helpful advice from the rear of the venue.