Alice Moving Under Skies

Alice Moving Under Skies were an exciting three piece band based in the North of England. Mixing heavy rock guitar and pounding bass with soaring male and female vocals and driving electronic drum lines they have been named as one of the most exciting live bands on the alternative scene. They played their final gig at the Black Swan in Bradford in 2014.

26-Feb-11: Carpe Noctum with The Scary Bitches + ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES
1-May-11: Carpe Noctum & Black Sheep present The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing + ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES
2-Dec-11: Carpe Noctum with Rhombus + ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES
31-Aug-12: Carpe Noctum with Inkubus Sukkubus + Cauda Pavonis + ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES
22-Nov-13: Carpe Noctum with Bad Pollyanna + ALICE MOVING UNDER SKIES + Wrapped in Plastic