Berlin Black

Berlin Black are the fast-rising standard bearers of the Yorkshire alternative scene, melding punk, post-punk, glam rock and 80s-style flamboyant synthpop into a coherent rock n'roll beast which celebrates all the best music from decades past whilst still being undeniably "now". They began life in 2008 when Chris Banshee (vocals and keyboards) wrote a collection of songs that didn't fit his then band, The Screaming Banshee Aircrew. Since the latter's demise, Chris has turned Berlin Black into a full band, including some of his former Banshee bandmates. A veritable orgy of Bowie, Stooges, Buzzcocks, Violets, early Duran Duran and very early Manics influences.

30-Mar-12: Carpe Noctum with The Last Cry + BERLIN BLACK + Distorted Pictures
14-Dec-12: Carpe Noctum with BERLIN BLACK + Distorted Pictures
6-Sep-13: Carpe Noctum with BERLIN BLACK + Dead Eyes Opened + John Merrick's Remains
7-Mar-15: Carpe Noctum with BERLIN BLACK + Pink Hearse + The Black Riders Cult
14-Nov-15: Carpe Noctum with Christian Death + BERLIN BLACK + The Glass House Museum