Where bands of other cities had such visionaries as Malcom Maclaren and Tony Wilson. Coventry's Deadfilmstar had Pete Waterman... Undeterred and finding sanctuary in the back pages of metal magazine 'Kerrang', Deadfilmstar fought hard to survive in an already oversaturated market. Ultimately, they needed a way out, and the unsuspecting world of goth and all things industrial had left its back door wide open.

To date, Deadfilmstar have toured the UK with Mortiis and KMFDM, appeared at Bloodstock and Whitby Goth Weekend, and shared many a stage with Combichrist and Toyah.

14-Sep-02: Carpe Noctum with Squid + DEADFILMSTAR
12-Jul-03: Carpe Noctum with DEADFILMSTAR
14-May-05: Carpe Noctum with 616 Abortions + DEADFILMSTAR + Action Directe