Pink Hearse

Pink Hearse are a four-piece all-girl punk/horrorpunk band from Fleetwood. Since Pink Hearse formed in late 2005 they have built up a solid live reputation with high-energy stage performances. They have created and moulded their own sound which draws inspiration from the old school punk sounds of Siouxie and the Banshees, X-Ray Spex and, to an extent, The Dead Kennedys. The band is also reminiscent of more modern outfits such as The Horrorpops and the Distillers.

11-Apr-09: Bad Moon Rising Live with PINK HEARSE + Mourning for Autumn
25-Sep-10: Carpe Noctum with PINK HEARSE + The Last Cry
30-Sep-11: Carpe Noctum with PINK HEARSE + The Marching Men
7-Mar-15: Carpe Noctum with Berlin Black + PINK HEARSE + The Black Riders Cult