Carpe Noctum
Bradford's notorious dark alternative club

Carpe Noctum is our flagship club/live event. One of the UK's longest-running goth/industrial clubs, it first opened its doors in 1999.

From the beginning, the focus has always been to provide the space and music for people within and around "the scene" to meet, drink, dance and generally have a good time. The music policy has always been, therefore, non-elitist and broad-based, without descending into student disco territory. By the same token, a desire to keep things fresh has seen many new bands introduced to the playlists and become dancefloor favourites.

Whenever the venue has been suitable - and the funds available - we've always been keen to incorporate live music into Carpe Noctum nights. Over the years, we've seen a plethora of bands tread the Carpe Noctum boards.

And speaking of venues; we've used a few. Some we've left with a heavy heart, but knowing it was for the best. Some just weren't working for us any more. Some have gone under whilst we've still been resident. And some have only ever been passing dalliances. We aim for somewhere with character, a capacity in the 100-300 range, a well-stocked, reasonably-priced bar, ample seating and dancing areas, a hefty PA, good stage (and lights), friendly and reliable staff/management, and a smoke detector that we won't set off. Obviously, we've had to compromise on occasion.

In essence; Carpe Noctum is the sort of club we wanted to go to, but nobody else was running in the immediate area. That's still the case, and it's the reason we're still doing it.