The 1 in 12 Club
Liberty . Equality . Solidarity

The 1 in 12 Club is both a members' club and the building in which it is based. Owned and run by the membership as an anarchist collective since 1981, the club has been based in Albion Street since obtaining the building in 1988.

It was at the 1 in 12 that Carpe Noctum was born (there are only so many times you can sit in a place like that saying "somebody should put on a goth night here" before you end up doing it yourself), and in many ways it's still our spiritual home. Our residency there drew to an end in May 2005, but we've popped back a few times since, and almost certainly will again.

Our nights there have been based on the first floor - the Gig Floor - which houses a bar, dancefloor, stage, PA and lights (we bring our own smoke machine!), with seating scattered around the edges. Upstairs is the member's bar (with pool table, football table, and jukebox) and toilet facilities, upstairs again a veggie/vegan cafe and anarchist library. The ground floor includes a rehearsal/recording studio and other "behind the scenes" stuff. Unless and until the lift is fixed, access is sadly poor (up a narrow flight of stone steps) and you're advised to check in advance if need be. Bands bringing a hefty backline might also want to bring some strong friends.

21-23 Albion Street BRADFORD BD1 2LY