Flesh Eating Foundation

Chaotic and disturbingly entertaining electropunks Flesh Eating Foundation are enigmatic masked frontman The Juddaman, the deaf-blind zombie John E Smoke, über guitarist Mash, and visual prankster Crooknose. They're uncomfortable. The electro crowd aren't sure how to wave their glowsticks about and the headbangers don't think they're metal enough. It has been said that they make too many weird noises and they look a bit strange to boot. They really don't care. They have spewed up four official releases over the last ten years or so; the latest of which was 'So Yeah', released digitally, on shiny CD and seven vinyl inches of blackness.

On the side, they have remixed and collaborated with just about everyone who will have them and indulged themselves with their passion for experimental noise and horror visuals. Quite frankly, they are not going to go away any time soon whether you like it or not.

13-Jun-09: Bad Moon Rising Live with Novus UK + FLESH EATING FOUNDATION
30-Oct-10: Carpe Noctum with FLESH EATING FOUNDATION + 19ninetynine